Freshers’ Day 2015

 Freshers’ Day 2015

Little Star Higher Secondary School celebrated Freshers’ Day on 13th June 2015 at the School Hall under the theme, ‘Responsible Living.’ The Programme was introduced by the School Prefect, Kevineinuo Hibo of Class 12 A and compered by Marina Jose of Class 12 and Dhiraj Kumar of Class 8. The Chairman of the School, Madam Nini Sekhose spoke on the theme and exhorted the students to take responsibility for their own lives. She reminded the students of the just concluded celebration of giving called ‘Joy of Giving,’ initiated by the Principal, Miss Christina Neikhrienuo, during which time both the students and teachers experienced anew the Joy of sharing our blessings with others and the value of making promises to ourselves and keeping it. which In the light of that theme, Fresher’s Day also celebrated ‘Responsible Living,’ which is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves.

The highlights of the show were the Talent Hunt, which was won by Diana D. Chishi, of Class 11 ‘C’. Diana won the hearts of the judges by an energetic Taekwondo performance. The Miss Ethnic title was won by I. Ayem, Class 11 ‘C’. She wore a very creative Konyak patterned handloom textile dress decorated with beads and beautifully accessorized with traditional Konyak Jewelleries.

The prestigious highly sought after title of Miss Fresher 2015, went to Binthu Newmai of Class 11 ‘B’. Apart from the highly creative way she wore the Zeliang traditional Mekhela, she also mesmerized the audience with a melodious solo during the Talent Hunt. Her name was also in the running for Miss Congeniality. She clinched the title by the confident way she responded to the questions given by the Judges.

This year the title of Miss Congeniality was introduced to encourage overall good behavior and friendliness shown by students. The students themselves voted for their friends and the title was won by Moasenla of Class 11 ‘C’.

The Judges for the show were Ms. Kos Zhasa, Fashion and Textile Designer from Delhi, Ms. Kekhrieleü Mezhii, Lawyer, Ms. Freda Angami, Parent, Er. Ketoulhou Sekhose Paira, Administrator, LSHSS and Entrepreneur and Mr. Thejavituo Sekhose, Artist and Designer.

In between the contests, enthralling performances were given by the students. Class 12 Hostellers and Day scholars separately performed choreographies, a solo rendition of ‘How Great Thou Art.’ was sung by Longrizung of Class 8, and a special performance by Mr. Kekhrielezo Kire, Music Teacher of LSHSS, who never failed to thrill the audience with his talented singing. Last year’s Miss Talent, Imsuienla Longkumer of Class 12, displayed her talent once again by giving a solo performance.

Another highlight of the event was the entrance of the reigning Miss Fresher, Miss Talent and Miss Ethnic 2014, who were escorted by five Sub Junior students. Grace Thejanuo of Class 2 played the Musical Piece ‘Swan Lake,’ as they marched into the hall.

The event concluded with a prayer from the School Chaplain P.V. Francis and was followed by Lunch for everyone in the School hall.


Winners with the Chairman, Judges and Principal of the School

It’s The Joy of Giving

Dance Performance
Dance Performance

The Joy of Giving week is about to start on 1st June and will go on till 6th June. It’s just Friday, 29th May and the response is overwhelming. Many students and parents turned up to donate various different items for the less fortunate. From pulses and rice to clothes and soaps, there were a lot of cheerful givers today.

On Friday, during the break, there was a surprise dance performance. The dance reminded the students that a smile goes a long way and to always be happy and keep smiling. After the performance a short video about the students’ visit to the houses of the less privileges people was shown. The video encouraged the students to be a part of the event and to make someone’s wish come true.

The thankful tree was put up at the entrance on Friday. The leaves were added on Saturday. These leaves contain special messages from almost all the students. They wrote about the things that they are thankful for.

We hope that this event – The Joy of Giving –  will make us realise how fortunate we are.

To Love Ourselves and to Love Those Around Us.

Donation Boxes
Thankful Tree containing thank you notes from the students