Little Star bags 1st and 3rd place in Anpsa Extempore Competition 2015

Limasenla Ajem of Class 10 and Marina Jose of Class 12 participated in the Inter-School Anpsa Extempore Competition held at Great Commission Kids Academy on Saturday, 16th May. NEZCC director Lipok Tzudir was the Chief Guest. Twenty schools participated in this competition.

Limasenla Ajem competed in the Group A category which consisted of students from classes 8 to 10.  She was given the topic ‘Listening’. She spoke about the importance of listening skills and how one should work towards developing it. She got the First Place in her category.

Marina Jose competed in Group B category which consisted of students from classes 11 and 12. Marina was asked to speak on the topic ‘Co-curricular Activities’. She gave examples on how activities are conducted at Little Star Hr. Sec. School. She also proudly declared that she was a member of the orators club. Marina got the 3rd place.

Winners of the Anpsa literary competition with the Chief Guest and organisers




Class 11 Orientation 2015

The orientation for the new batch of Class 11 was held on 15th May at the school hall. The day started with a prayer by Miss Imnajungla. The chairman of the school briefed the students about the rules and regulations and what is expected of the students. She spoke to the girls about etiquette and manners. This was followed by the introduction of the school by the Principal. She spoke briefly about the history of the school and how it has grown from just 13 students in 1983 to over 15oo students today. Then, a short video of last year’s freshers day was shown to the students.

Subject Orientation was conducted. All the subject teachers spoke about the new syllabus of class 11. They gave the students an overview of what they will be studying in the next two years. An ice breaker was conducted in the classroom and gifts were given to the students who performed the best during the ice breaker. The day ended with the concluding remarks that was given by the Chairman, LSHSS.

Class 11 Orientation
Class 11 Orientation